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DMI Purchases Exhausted Collection Accounts

Yes, that’s right; DMI may actually pay you for your delinquent receivables.  Your specific industry type does not matter.  We have collected in the medical/dental arena for decades and are vastly aware of the delicate and sensitive nature of this industry and are also keenly aware of the state and federal regulation that must be adhered to. 

We have worked in hundreds of other fields that make up both the consumer and commercial market place. The ONLY prerequisite is that you consider the monies lost and unrecoverable.  This strategy is ordinarily reserved for your oldest accounts but not necessarily. 

You’re more recent past dues may also qualify for purchasing if you have already placed them with a collection agency or law firm, and they have exhausted their efforts
Learning that 3rd party collection intervention has run its course, and for a certain percentage of accounts was not successful, and these accounts are not deemed law suit worthy, what do you do with them?  Do you just leave them dangling in the back of a file cabinet or drawer, or sitting in your computer undefined? Are they generating any cash-flow back into your business?  Probably not, in most cases they are stagnant on your books, frustrating you and your CPA.  These accounts are distressed and have amortized themselves to practically a zero value; however to us there is still a measurable “salvage value”

Another category that may qualify for DMI purchasing you’re A/R is a business in financial trouble, or struggling to keep the doors open. The silver lining here is that you may be a candidate for us to buy this bad debt before it gets lost, frozen, or seized depending on your situation.  Bankruptcy, receivership, insolvency, or simply “walking away” just to name a few, unfortunately are how businesses label their closing. These labels do not automatically mean that you must lose out on those receivables just because the business expired.

By selling these antiquated accounts, you produce an immediate injection of cash; you’ll finally clean them out of your system and put these financial headaches behind you. No more stragglers, no more chasing people, or having to accept empty promises. You will have a definitive answer, and complete the revenue cycle through this closure.  In many cases the accounts now qualify for write off purposes establishing a tax benefit as well.  Just ask for a free of charge assessment; our quote time is within 24 hours of your inquiry. 

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3rd Party Collection Efforts have been Exhausted

Business Entity Closing and Immediate Cash Flow Needed

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