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Health Care Division

DMI takes great pride in dedicating a department to, and specializing in the healthcare industry.  We understand that you are trying to run your office, care for your patients, and keep up with ever changing HIPAA rules and insurance regulations. But unfortunately way down on your list is tracking your accounts receivables.   You know they are there, but you just can’t seem to get to them, we know!

However, you’re A/R is the life line of your business and DMI has a solution to assist you in prioritizing it.  You will increase cash-flow, decrease problematic accounts, and draw a clear distinction between a “slow-pay and a no-pay” account, all while running your daily business, and letting the DMI process handle these collections.  Our agents are trained extensively in HIPAA compliance, and educated regularly on the delicacy of the healthcare field, this is crucial for them to understand and we make sure they do.

Historically DMI has recovered more than twice the national average of other companies and we do it while keeping your patient’s privacy, pride, and dignity intact.  Our objective is to recover the past due balance and have your patient back in your office, in good standing, and very comfortable returning, even after going through the collection process.
We have a few different programs to choose from based on your individual need:

Escalating Letter Campaign

Guarantee Program (Ask one of our reps. for details)

Phase 2 telephone collections

Legal Collections

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